Catherine M. Keller

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This paper studies localizing sources of electromagnetic energy using a passive sensor array whose manifold is only nominally known. The problem of source localization is studied in the context of an airborne array that is able to observe a ground-based source from multiple angles. External and self-calibration algorithms are developed as a means to obtain(More)
Two recently published external array self-calibration algorithms are applied to experimental data obtained using a surveyed 12-element large sparse aperture array operating at 980 MHz. Though the algorithms are similar in that they use iterative methods to attempt to estimate the angle-of-arrival (AOA) of incoming signals with an imperfectly calibrated(More)
The direction finding (DF) performance of an array of vector sensor antennas on a small aircraft is assessed. DF performance in the presence of additive noise, array mani-fold perturbations, and uncertainty of polarization parameters is examined with simulated data and compared to the Cramer-Rao lower bound. DF performance improvements are demonstrated with(More)
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