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OBJECTIVE To estimate the occurrence and school-level clustering of drug involvement among school-attending adolescent youths in each of seven countries in Latin America, drawing upon evidence from the PACARDO research project, a multinational collaborative epidemiological research study. METHODS During 1999-2000, anonymous self-administered(More)
PURPOSE The abuse and nonmedical use of prescription opioids and its subsequent consequences are an important public health concern. This phenomenon has paralleled the increase in the therapeutic use of opioids for pain management. There is thus a need to measure prescription opioid abuse to understand trends over time and to compare abuse of one product to(More)
To investigate the role of religiosity in the earliest stages of drug involvement, the authors studied recent-onset occurrence of first chances to try a drug and first actual drug use, expressed as a function of religious practice behaviors, levels of religious devotion, and religious affiliation. Based upon standardized questionnaire assessments of(More)
Controversy exists about the safety of the parenteral iron dextran products, Dexferrum and INFeD, which have been associated with rare, serious anaphylactic-type reactions. In the United States, their product labels carry boxed warnings of this adverse event; some have called for the withdrawal from marketing of the higher molecular weight Dexferrum.(More)
AIMS The aim of this study is to investigate suspected behavioral autarcesis. Autarcesis refers to a mechanism of non-specific shielding from or immunity to infection or disease. Here, suspecting that some facets of the adolescent behavioral repertoire (ABR) might shield youths from early drug involvement, we studied recent-onset occurrence of first chances(More)
In this study, the authors probed the latent structure of the adolescent behavioral repertoire (ABR) and estimated its sociodemographic correlates. The authors drew a nationally representative sample of 12,797 school-attending youth from the 7 countries in the PACARDO region of Latin America: Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,(More)
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