Catherine M. Bohn

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However, a similar trend was observed in a much more rigorously conducted survey in England (Blatchford & Sumpner, 1998). That survey’s nationally representative random sample of primary and secondary schools (1 in 10 of such schools in the country) found uniform erosion of recess time across a 5-year period (1990/1991– 1995/1996). Declines in recess(More)
The authors examined preschoolers' aggressive and cooperative behaviors and their associations with social dominance. First and as predicted, directly observed aggressive interactions decreased across the school year, and same-sex aggression occurred more frequently than cross-sex aggression. Next, the authors examined the relation between aggression and(More)
The interactive influence of preschool children's level of physical activity, sex, and time on the degree of sex segregation was assessed. A sample of nursery school children was observed across much of a school year, and levels of physical activity and sex segregation were sampled during their free play periods. Following sexual selection theory, we(More)
We examined the ways in which preschool children’s agonistic and cooperative behaviors related to their social dominance. First, two common assumptions associated with theories of social dominance were tested. We hypothesized that directly observed agonistic interactions would decrease across the school year and that same-sex agonism would be greater than(More)
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