Catherine Lefranc-Millot

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A bovine alpha s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate was previously demonstrated to display an anxiolytic-like activity in the conditioned defensive burying and in the elevated plus-maze models when i.p. injected. The present study assessed the anxiolytic-like effects of this tryptic hydrolysate after an oral administration in rats faced to the same behavioural(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of protein supplementation on muscle thickness and strength seem largely dependent on its composition. The current study aimed at comparing the impact of an oral supplementation with vegetable Pea protein (NUTRALYS®) vs. Whey protein and Placebo on biceps brachii muscle thickness and strength after a 12-week resistance training(More)
The putative effects of a tryptic bovine alphaS1-casein hydrolysate on stress-induced sleep disorders were investigated and their possible link with typical blood stress parameters such as plasma corticosterone concentrations and glycaemia was assessed. Rats were subjected to chronic stress in the form of environmental disturbances, while receiving an oral(More)
The beneficial effects of carbohydrate-derived fibers are mainly attributed to modulation of the microbiota, increased colonic fermentation, and the production of short-chain fatty acids. We studied the direct immune responses to alimentary fibers in in vitro and in vivo models. Firstly, we evaluated the immunomodulation induced by nine different types of(More)
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