Catherine L Miller-Hunt

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Ebola virus outbreaks, such as the 2014 Makona epidemic in West Africa, are episodic and deadly. Filovirus antivirals are currently not clinically available. Our findings suggest interferon gamma, an FDA-approved drug, may serve as a novel and effective prophylactic or treatment option. Using mouse-adapted Ebola virus, we found that murine interferon gamma(More)
UNLABELLED The discovery that measles virus (MV) uses the adherens junction protein nectin-4 as its epithelial receptor provides a new vantage point from which to characterize its rapid spread in the airway epithelium. We show here that in well-differentiated primary cultures of airway epithelial cells from human donors (HAE), MV infectious centers form(More)
The recent Ebola virus (EBOV) epidemic in West Africa demonstrates the potential for a significant public health burden caused by filoviral infections. No vaccine or antiviral is currently FDA-approved. To expand the vaccine options potentially available, we assessed protection conferred by an EBOV vaccine composed of vesicular stomatitis virus(More)
Previous studies in the lab identified a series of alanine substitutions in the mucin domain-deleted Ebola virus glycoprotein 1 (EBOVΔO GP1) that enhance EBOV GP pseudovirion transduction efficiency by about two fold above wild type glycoprotein (1). To determine if combining these alanine substitutions resulted in even higher transduction levels, a series(More)
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