Catherine L Cross

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BACKGROUND During the last 25 years, scientific experimental and clinical studies have documented the dangers of cornstarch powder on examination and surgical gloves because the cornstarch promotes wound infection, causes serious peritoneal adhesions and granulomatous peritonitis, and is a well-documented vector of the latex allergy epidemic in the world.(More)
BACKGROUND Delusions of parasitosis (DP) is a rare psychiatric disorder in which the patient has a firm belief that she or he is infected by parasites. Although it is a psychiatric disorder, these patients often present to an emergency physician because they are convinced that they have a severe skin problem. TREATMENT Patients with DP often reject(More)
Nucleotide excision repair (NER) is responsible for the repair of platinum-DNA lesions. ERCC-1 is a critical gene within the NER pathway, and cells without a functional ERCC-1 do not repair cisplatin-caused DNA damage. The present study was therefore designed to evaluate the relationship between the expression of ERCC-1 and the repair of cisplatin-induced(More)
BACKGROUND Necrotizing fasciitis is a potentially fatal infection involving rapidly progressive, widespread necrosis of the superficial fascia. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this collective review is to review modern concepts of the treatment and diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis. DISCUSSION Necrotizing fasciitis is characterized by widespread necrosis of(More)
Small businesses contribute almost 50 percent of total employment and 30 percent of gross domestic product in South Africa, but the impact of poor health and AIDS on these businesses is poorly documented. Using three waves of longitudinal data from predominantly African neighborhoods in peri-urban Durban, South Africa, this project investigates the(More)
Purpura fulminans is a rare syndrome of intravascular thrombosis and hemorrhagic infarction of the skin that is rapidly progressive and accompanied by vascular collapse and disseminated intravascular coagulation. It usually occurs in children, but this syndrome has also been noted in adults. The purpose of this collective review is to provide modern(More)
For a decade, a dozen non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs) have organized themselves into a Geneva-based coordination group with the goal of global control of onchocerciasis through mass distribution of ivermectin (Mectizan(R)). Members of this group have worked with Ministries of Health and other partners to empower communities affected by(More)
The control of onchocerciasis is not only a major success story in global health, but also one of the best examples of the power of public-private partnership at the international level as well as at the national level. The onchocerciasis story is also a leading example of the contribution of a group of called Non-Governmental Development Organizations(More)