Catherine Kublik

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We propose a simple formulation for constructing boundary integral methods to solve Poisson’s equation on domains with piecewise smooth boundaries defined through their signed distance function. Our formulation is based on averaging a family of parameterizations of an integral equation defined on the boundary of the domain, where the integrations are(More)
We propose efficient and accurate algorithms for computing certain area preserving geometric motions of curves in the plane, such as area preserving motion by curvature. These schemes are based on a new class of diffusion generated motion algorithms using signed distance functions. In particular, they alternate two very simple and fast operations, namely(More)
We use Lyapunov functionals to obtain sufficient conditions that guarantee exponential stability of the zero solution of the finite delay Volterra difference equation x(t + 1) = a(t)x(t) + t−1 ∑ s=t−r b(t, s)x(s). Also, by displaying a slightly different Lyapunov functional we obtain conditions that guarantee the instability of the zero solution. The(More)
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