Catherine Korachais

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The reduction of child mortality is one of the most universally accepted Millennium Goals. However, there is a significant debate on the means of reaching it and its realism with regard to the situation in most of the least developed countries. The recommendations made for the achievement of this goal are mainly medical ones. However, without(More)
Macroeconomic instability has been increasingly considered as a factor lowering average income growth and, in this way, is a factor slowing down poverty reduction. But it can also result in slower poverty reduction for a given average rate of growth, due to poverty traps, often examined at the microeconomic level. Testing a model of poverty change on a(More)
This paper focuses on medium term policy options in the economic context of natural resources depletion. In particular, we assess for the first time the adoption of permanent income hypothesis in dynamic CGE model. The model is benchmarked in oil country with declining production, namely Cameroon. The results show that the permanent income hypothesis (PIH)(More)
The effect of text messages to support diabetes self-management in developing countries-the TEXT4DSM study. Abstract Objective Mhealth interventions have the potential to facilitate self-management support. The TEXT4DSM study implemented a mobile phone intervention within existing diabetes programmes in three low and middle income countries (DR Congo,(More)
BACKGROUND Malnutrition is a huge problem in Burundi. In order to improve the provision of services at hospital, health centre and community levels, the Ministry of Health is piloting the introduction of malnutrition prevention and care indicators within its performance based financing (PBF) scheme. Paying for units of services and for qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing the coverage of skilled attendance at births in a health facility (facility delivery) is crucial for saving the lives of mothers and achieving Millennium Development Goal five. Cambodia has significantly increased the coverage of facility deliveries and reduced the maternal mortality ratio in the last decade. The introduction of a(More)
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