Catherine James

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Reflective practice is a frequently used but inadequately defined concept in nursing. Part of the reason for this may be the inadequate conceptualisation of the process of reflection. This paper argues that now is an appropriate time to critically examine the notion of reflective practice and maintains that there is a need for more debate and research into(More)
Patients' rights such as the need for dignity and respect are essential in the provision of quality care. This exploratory clinical study explored patient dignity within the acute hospital environment through observation of staff-patient interactions and interviews with patients. Dignity can be influenced through two major mediums-maintenance of the(More)
In a time of health care reform and rapid change, nurse executives need effective leadership skills to be able to respond to a challenging environment, provide quality cost-effective care and promote the professional development of nursing. This research aimed to provide an understanding of nursing executives' roles and professional development needs and(More)
This qualitative study aims to gain in-depth information about the attitudes of HIV-serodiscordant couples towards two new methods of HIV prevention; Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Treatment as Prevention, both of which have been recently recommended by the World Health Organisation. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 38 individuals in a(More)
As the need for palliative care increases, palliative care is emerging as a field of medical care in its own right. At the same time there are many aspects of palliative care that are problematic, particularly in palliative care education. The aspects reviewed here include: (a) the lack of a long tradition and adequate conceptualization of palliative care;(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to explore what constitutes nurse-patient interactions and to ascertain patients' perceptions of these interactions. BACKGROUND Nurses maintain patient integrity through caring practices. When patients feel disempowered or that their integrity is threatened they are more likely to make a complaint. When nurses develop(More)
Reflective practice has emerged in the U.K. and beyond as an important issue not just in nursing but in many other professions. However, it remains problematic; it is difficult to conceptualize and many aspects of it are open to debate. Reflective practice is also contentious because, at a fundamental level, it raises a number of important issues for(More)
This research provides a profile of nurse executives' roles, career opportunities and professional development needs across metropolitan, provincial, rural and remote settings in Queensland. A cross-sectional survey was posted to all Directors/Assistant Directors of Nursing in the Queensland Public Health Sector (n = 281), with a response rate of 52.3% (n =(More)
Over the last three decades palliative care has emerged as a discrete specialty that has brought with it a developing field of education. Problematic areas have been identified within palliative care education that may limit its effectiveness. Areas of particular concern are identified that may prove obstructive in the pursuit of effectiveness in palliative(More)