Catherine J. Moore

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A sensitive chemiluminescence method for assay of choline which has been developed for analysis of erythrocyte and plasma levels of choline is reported here. This method includes a charcoal purification step which yields consistent results with plasma and erythrocyte extracts. Further, choline derived from membrane phosphatidylcholine may also be measured(More)
BACKGROUND There is limited research in young infants, particularly <3 months of age, on maternal feeding practices in spite of increasing evidence that early weight gain velocity is a determinant of later obesity risk. OBJECTIVE To examine associations between maternal executive function (cognitive control over one's own behaviour), maternal feeding(More)
Inhibition of brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) can provide relief from the cognitive loss associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, unwanted peripheral side effects often limit the usefulness of the available anticholinesterases. Recently, we identified a dihydroquinazoline compound, PD 142676 (CI 1002) that is a potent anticholinesterase and a(More)
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