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This paper reviews current concepts and results in the management of congenital tracheal stenosis (CTS). Diagnostic options are considered and the requirements for successful management defined. Chief amongst these is a multi-disciplinary approach with individualised patient management. Severe long-segment CTS represents the biggest challenge to clinicians(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the accuracy of the expired tidal volumes (VT(E)) displayed by one of the most frequently used ventilators that measures exhaled volume at the expiratory valve. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING The intensive care units of a pediatric tertiary referral center in London, UK. PATIENTS A total of 56 intubated children aged between 3(More)
We studied the expansion of the GCT repeats within the myotonic dystrophy protein kinase gene in nine myotonic dystrophy (DM) kindreds. Southern blot and polymerase chain reaction analyses of the repeat region demonstrated the expansion in all 62 patients with the diagnosis of DM. Among 43 DM parent-child pairs, age of onset in the child was earlier than in(More)
OBJECTIVE Long-segment tracheal stenosis is rare, life-threatening, difficult, and expensive to treat. Management remains controversial. A multidisciplinary tracheal team was formed in 2000 to deal with a large number of children with airway problems referred for management. We review the effect of that service, comparing the era before and after the(More)
AIMS To determine the relationship between blood pressure (BP) measurement in the clinic and self-monitored blood pressure (SMBP); and to evaluate the accuracy of self-reported data in patients with Type 2 diabetes treated intensively for hypertension. METHODS Seventy subjects had baseline and 1-week follow-up clinic BP measured using an Omron 907(More)
C HEMICAL LINKAGE of fluorescent dyes with antibody allows histologic detection of antigen-antibody reactions. This technic, originally developed by Coons, has been extensively employed to localize the antigens of and anti-bodies to such diverse substances as bacterial products, viruses, blood group substances, hormones and many proteins of normal or(More)
To determine whether anticipation in myotonic dystrophy (DM) is a true biologic phenomenon or an artifact of ascertainment bias, we studied 201 members of nine DM kindreds, including 67 individuals with the clinical diagnosis of DM. Of 49 parent-child pairs in which both the parents and the children were clinically affected, the onset of DM occurred in an(More)
OBJECTIVES The study investigated treatment outcomes when respiratory physiotherapy was delivered by non-respiratory on-call physiotherapists, compared with specialist respiratory physiotherapists. DESIGN Prospective, randomised crossover trial. SETTING Paediatric, tertiary care hospital in the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS Mechanically ventilated(More)