Catherine Hurley

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Projections are a common tool for dimension reduction and visualization of high-dimensional data. For example, any projection from I R p down to a 2-D plane produces a 2-D view of p-D data. We are concerned with continuous one-parameter families of projections for the purpose of producing animated views of data; we therefore call such one-parameter families(More)
The condvis package is for interactive visualization of sections in data space, showing fitted models on the section, and observed data near the section. The primary goal is the interpretation of complex models, and showing how the observed data support the fitted model. There is a video accompaniment to this paper available here. This is a preprint version(More)
Six patients with extensive palmar thumb pulp and soft tissue loss were treated with a staged transfer of radial nerve innervated flap tissues from the dorsum of the index finger. They were followed for a mean period of 3 years. This transfer of radial nerve innervated dorsal index finger tissues to the palmar surface of the thumb has been a successful(More)
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