Catherine Healy

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T he combination of poorly controlled diabetes, acute liver injury with marked elevation in serum aminotrans-ferases, and the characteristic histological changes on liver biopsy are diagnostic of glycogenic hepatopathy. A similar condition was described by Mauriac in 1930, characterized by growth retardation, he-patomegaly, Cushingoid features, and delayed(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES A disruption of epithelial barrier function can lead to intestinal inflammation. Toll-like receptor (TLR) 2 activation by microbial products promotes intestinal epithelial integrity and overall gut health. Several bacterial species, including enteric bacteria, actively produce amyloid proteins as a part of their biofilms. Recognition(More)
The decriminalization of sex work in New Zealand will protect the rights of sex workers and improve their working conditions and general well-being. It will also improve HIV prevention programs. In this article, which is based on a presentation at a "learning from practice" session at the conference, Catherine Healy describes the situation prior to(More)
The cell-surface receptor ST2L triggers cytokine release by immune cells upon exposure to its ligand IL-33. To study the effect of ST2L-dependent signaling in different cell types, we generated antagonist antibodies that bind different receptor domains. We sought to characterize their activities in vitro using both transfected cells as well as basophil and(More)
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