Catherine Hélie

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Three patients with the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and severe oesophagitis are reported. Intractable oesophageal stricture developed, leading to oesophago-gastrectomy in two patients and iterative oesophageal dilatations in the third. The retrospective analysis of these 3 cases led us to recommend, in case of oesophagitis in patients who have or might have(More)
Prolactinoma is the most frequent of secreting pituitary adenomas. It is often discovered among women of childbearing-age presenting an association of amenorrhea and galactorrhea. Data in the literature from large series indicate the current risks of interaction between prolactinoma and pregnancy. Risks have been overestimated in the past and it is now(More)
INTRODUCTION The FeCl3-induced arterial model of thrombosis is one of the most widely used animal models to assess arterial efficacy of new antithrombotic drug candidates. This model is well-established in rodents but in a less extent in the rabbit. In this work, we present a methodology for a rabbit FeCl3-induced arterial model of thrombosis derived from(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the possible modifications in the parameters of red cell aggregation and blood and plasma viscosity in 92 diabetic patients compared to 82 non diabetic control subjects. Based on the presence of microalbuminuria (> 30 mg/24 h) and/or retinopathy each group of diabetic patients was divided into two subgroups. This(More)