Catherine Guerreiro

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Ribavirin is one of the few nucleoside analogues currently used in the clinic to treat RNA virus infections, but its mechanism of action remains poorly understood at the molecular level. Here, we(More)
Resistance to zidovudine (3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine, AZT) by the human immunodeficiency virus, type 1, requires multiple amino acid substitutions such as D67N/K70R/T215F/K219Q in the viral reverse(More)
Protection against reinfection with noncapsulated Gram-negative bacteria, such as Shigella, an enteroinvasive bacterium responsible for bacillary dysentery, is mainly achieved by Abs specific for the(More)
The O-antigen (O-Ag), the polysaccharide part of the lipopolysaccharide, is the major target of the serotype-specific protective humoral response elicited upon host infection by Shigella flexneri,(More)
Nucleoside analogues are currently used to treat human immunodeficiency virus infections. The appearance of up to five substitutions (A62V, V75I, F77L, F116Y, and Q151M) in the viral reverse(More)
Shigella flexneri 3a causes bacillary dysentery. Its O-antigen has the {2)-[α-d-Glcp-(1→3)]-α-l-Rhap-(1→2)-α-l-Rhap-(1→3)-[Ac→2]-α-l-Rhap-(1→3)-[Ac→6]≈40 % -β-d-GlcpNAc-(1→} ([(E)ABAc CAc D])(More)
The powerful chemo-enzymatic synthesis of the pentadecasaccharide hapten involved in the first synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccine candidate against endemic shigellosis is reported. The high(More)