Catherine González

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Changes in vegetation along a precipitation gradient in Central Argentina were studied. Floristic samples were taken along an east-west transect of about 300 km. Correlation analysis between precipitation and ordination axes was used to provide an environmental interpretation of vegetation variability. Floristic analysis produced an ordination of plant(More)
The main objective of this work is to develop a routine quality control method for pesticide residues in cocoa beans, using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The investigated pesticides, which are used to control pests in the growing of cacao, are: Acephate, Propoxur, HCH, Heptachlor, Fenitrothion, Pirimiphos-methyl, Aldrin, Dieldrin, pp'-DDE, op-DDE(More)
Abstract Cold rolled Al-3003 H14 aluminum alloy is recrystallized from 0% to 100% in order to establish the conductivity profile developed by means of an impedance tomography procedure. Numerical solution for direct and inverse problem for axial symmetry is implemented with appropriate boundary conditions, in order to simulate possible situations and judge(More)
Fishing is a major source of human impact, reducing density and size of a wide range of exploited species in comparison to areas exhibiting strong regulations (no-take and partially protected areas, including Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries, TURFs). Since size and density might have important consequences on reproduction, and therefore natural(More)
Steady state viscosity and thixotropy of hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose ~HMHEC! and nonassociative cellulose water solutions are studied. Although all the samples are shear thinning, only the HMHEC is thixotropic, since the migration of hydrophobes to micelles is controlled by diffusion. The Cross model fits steady state curves. The Mewis(More)
YoungPinus radiata D. Don were fertilized with copper oxychloride and copper sulfate on a random block basis with four replicates. Roots, needles, stems and shoot apices were analyzed separately for Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn contents at different times from fertilization. The results showed a rapid plant copper absorption, no effects being found on the Fe, Mn and(More)
The total acidity of humic materials obtained by oxidation of kraft black liquors was previously found to have a very important effect on the results of their ammoniation process (which yields nitrogenous humic fertilizers). This paper deals with a further study of the ammoniation process of two humic materials (with 20 and 60 ml NaOH 0.1 N/g of sample of(More)
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