Catherine Gauthier

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Biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds have attracted interest because they have good osteoconductivity and a resorption rate close to that of new bone ingrowth, but their brittleness limits their potential applications. In this study, we show how the infiltration of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds with poly(ε-caprolactone) improves their mechanical(More)
Sustainment of training to maintain the readiness of our armed forces requires stewardship of human health and the environment. The objective of this project, initiated in FY00 and planned for completion in FY05, was to determine the potential for environmental contamination from residues of energetic materials on ranges. This report describes(More)
Colloidal particles are often seen as big atoms that can be directly observed in real space. They are therefore becoming increasingly important as model systems to study processes of interest in condensed-matter physics such as melting, freezing and glass transitions. The solidification of colloidal suspensions has long been a puzzling phenomenon with many(More)
We have tested the suitability of cryopreserved human precision-cut renal cortical slices for metabolic and pharmaco-toxicological studies. The viability of these slices and their pharmaco-toxicological reactivity were assessed using intracellular ATP and protein contents, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) leakage, lactate and glutamine metabolism and the(More)
This review intends to present different aspects concerning clay/polymer nanocomposites produced by heterophase polymerization in aqueous media. This paper highlights the ability of miniemulsion polymerization to produce clay/polymer latexes with tailored nanostructures. Indeed, this polymerization route enables the synthesis of composite latexes with the(More)
The metabolism of glutamine, a physiological substrate of the human kidney, plays a major role in systemic acid-base homoeostasis. Not only because of the limited availability of human renal tissue but also in part due to the lack of adequate cellular models, the mechanisms regulating the renal metabolism of this amino acid in humans have been poorly(More)
Among other uses, latexes are a successful alternative to solvent-borne binders for coatings. Efforts are made to produce hybrid nanostructured latexes containing an acrylic phase and an alkyd phase. However, after the film-forming process, the surfactant used to stabilize these latexes remains in the film, and its location can have a drastic effect on the(More)
1.Unlike cell lines and primary cells in culture, precision-cut tissue slices remain metabolically differentiated for at least 24-48 h and allow to study the effect of xenobiotics during short-term and long-term incubations. 2.In this article, we illustrate the use of such an experimental model to study the nephrotoxic effects of (i) chloroacetaldehyde, a(More)
Polymer grafting of polystyrene (PS) on nitrogen-doped multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNx) was successfully obtained by a "grafting from" technique. The production method involves the immobilization of initiators, using wet chemistry, onto the nanotube surface, followed by an in situ surface-initiated polymerization. The polymer-grafting carbon nanotubes(More)
Strain-induced crystallization (SIC) of natural rubber (NR) is studied during dynamic cycles at high frequencies (with equivalent strain rates ranging from 7.2 s(-1) to 290 s(-1)). The testing parameters are varied: the frequency, the temperature and the stretching ratio domain. It is found that an increase of the frequency leads to an unexpected form of(More)