Catherine Foster

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OBJECTIVE This research tested the role of traditional rational-cognitive factors and emotional barriers to posthumous organ donation. An example of an emotional barrier is the "ick" factor, a basic disgust reaction to the idea of organ donation. We also tested the potential role of manipulating anticipated regret to increase intention to donate in people(More)
SE, a 19-year-old female college student and a color-grapheme synesthete, reported consistent synesthetic experiences (photisms) for digits, and most letters in the Roman and Hebrew alphabets over a 6-month period. Photisms for later-learned Hebrew letters were influenced by those of the Roman alphabet and photisms for auditorily presented words were(More)
Brain plasticity is the basis for systems-level functional reorganization that promotes recovery in multiple sclerosis (MS). As inflammation interferes with plasticity, its pharmacological modulation may restore plasticity by promoting desired patterns of functional reorganization. Here, we tested the hypothesis that brain plasticity probed by a visuomotor(More)
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