Catherine Foster

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global burden of stroke is staggering (millions of strokes a year). Hemiparesis is one of the most common and disabling sequelae of stroke. In patients with immobile phantom limbs after amputation, vivid kinaesthetic sensations of movement can be evoked when the patient watches movement of the non-amputated hand or arm in a vertical parasagittal mirror.(More)
OBJECTIVE This research tested the role of traditional rational-cognitive factors and emotional barriers to posthumous organ donation. An example of an emotional barrier is the "ick" factor, a basic disgust reaction to the idea of organ donation. We also tested the potential role of manipulating anticipated regret to increase intention to donate in people(More)
8 distinct phenomena. Antimalarial antibodies defined by agglutination, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (data not shown) or surface immunofluorescence (data not shown) were not associated with the presence or absence of infection. Anti-adhesion antibodies against CSAbinding parasites differ from antibodies against parasites with other binding phenotypes.(More)
Brain plasticity is the basis for systems-level functional reorganization that promotes recovery in multiple sclerosis (MS). As inflammation interferes with plasticity, its pharmacological modulation may restore plasticity by promoting desired patterns of functional reorganization. Here, we tested the hypothesis that brain plasticity probed by a visuomotor(More)
OBJECTIVE Two widely discussed yet highly understudied factors that obstruct timely diagnosis and intervention among children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are missed scheduled appointments and wait time for outpatient services. Research surrounding outpatient appointment no-show and cancellation rates as well as predictors of such would shed light(More)
Vibrionic hepatitis is a disease of poultry which is characterised by the presence of focal lesions in the liver, usually 1-2mm in size and greyish-white in colour. The cause of the disease remains unclear, as do the reasons for its recent re-emergence. We examined the livers of commercial broiler chickens taken during processing and found Campylobacter(More)
We report three experiments intended to characterise aspects of the 'double face' illusion, formed by replicating the eyes and mouth below the originals. Such doubled faces are disturbing to look at. We find there are wide individual differences in the ability to detect that a face has been doubled when presented briefly and masked. These differences appear(More)
Thirty-six ethical codes from national professional associations were studied, the aim to test whether librarians have global shared values or if political and cultural contexts have significantly influenced the codes' content. Gorman's 8 core values of stewardship, service, intellectual freedom, rationalism, literacy and learning, equity of access to(More)
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