Catherine Elizabeth McCarron

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BACKGROUND Bayesian hierarchical models have been proposed to combine evidence from different types of study designs. However, when combining evidence from randomised and non-randomised controlled studies, imbalances in patient characteristics between study arms may bias the results. The objective of this study was to assess the performance of a proposed(More)
BACKGROUND Informing health care decision making may necessitate the synthesis of evidence from different study designs (e.g., randomised controlled trials, non-randomised/observational studies). Methods for synthesising different types of studies have been proposed, but their routine use requires development of approaches to adjust for potential biases,(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the production of Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) with economic evaluations (EEs) conducted by Canadian HTA agencies. METHODS This research used a three-step approach: (i) the Web sites of five Canadian organizations promoting HTA were searched to identify HTA reports with EEs; (ii) HTA agencies were surveyed to verify that our(More)
BACKGROUND Bayesian methods have been proposed as a way of synthesizing all available evidence to inform decision making. However, few practical applications of the use of Bayesian methods for combining patient-level data (i.e., trial) with additional evidence (e.g., literature) exist in the cost-effectiveness literature. The objective of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to present a review of economic evaluations conducted from a Canadian perspective and to characterize sources of evidence and statistical methods to analyze effectiveness measures, resource utilization, and uncertainty. METHODS A search strategy was developed to identify Canadian economic evaluations published between(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of the 1997 Canadian guidelines on the methods and presentation of economic evaluations conducted from a Canadian perspective in the published literature. METHODS A systematic literature review was conducted to identify health technology economic evaluations conducted from a Canadian perspective published in peer-reviewed(More)
OBJECTIVES Due to potential advantages (e.g., using all available evidence), Bayesian methods have been proposed to assist healthcare decision making. This review provides a detailed description of how Bayesian methods have been applied to economic evaluations of patient level data. The results serve both as a reference and as a means by which to examine(More)
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