Catherine E Oyiliagu

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As part of the Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling (GAPS) study, XAD-resin based passive samplers are being deployed for consecutive one-year periods at numerous sites on all seven continents to determine annually averaged concentrations of persistent organic pollutants. Concentrations of banned organochlorine pesticides as well as a number of current-use(More)
Despite a history of pesticide usage, few data exist on their concentrations in air and soil of Southern Africa. To add to the understanding of the processes controlling the fate of organic contaminants in arid regions, the levels, spatial trends, and seasonal variability of pesticides were studied in air and soil from Botswana. XAD resin-based passive air(More)
Designer fluoropeptidomimetics as protease inhibitors are revealed. The key peptidomimetic region in the inhibitors contains a '-CHF-S-' moiety and is designed to mimic the tetrahedral oxyanion species during the hydrolysis of a peptide bond. Designed fluoropeptidomimetics in aqueous methanol slowly (in several hours to days) yielded the corresponding(More)
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