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Handover in the emergency department: Deficiencies and adverse effects
Objective:  To determine problems resulting from ED handover, deficiencies in current procedures and whether patient care or ED processes are adversely affected.
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Review article: Leaving the emergency department without being seen
Patients who leave the ED without being seen (LWBS) are unlikely to be satisfied with the quality of the service provided and might be at risk from conditions that have not been assessed or treated.Expand
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Handheld mobile telephone use among Melbourne drivers
Objective: To evaluate change in handheld mobile telephone (mobile) use among motor vehicle drivers between 2002 and 2006.
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Animal and human bite injuries in Victoria, 1998–2004
Objective: To describe the epidemiology of mammal (human and non‐human) bite injuries in Victoria.
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Risk factors for sedation‐related events during procedural sedation in the emergency department
Objective: To determine the nature, incidence and risk factors for sedation‐related events during ED procedural sedation, with particular focus on the drugs administered.
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The effects of temperature, age and sex on presentations of renal colic in Melbourne, Australia
Objective To determine whether renal colic incidence in the temperate environment of Melbourne, Australia, varies with ambient temperature and season. Methods This was a retrospective analysis ofExpand
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Factors associated with failure to successfully complete a procedure during emergency department sedation
Objective: To determine factors associated with failure to successfully complete a procedure during sedation in the ED.
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Bupivacaine in the emergency department is underused: scope for improved patient care
Aims: To determine patterns of local anaesthetic use, knowledge and perceived use of local anaesthetic by emergency department doctors, and barriers to bupivacaine use. Methods: This was aExpand
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Procedural sedation practices in Australian Emergency Departments
Objective: The aim of the present study was to describe procedural sedation practices undertaken in a spectrum of Australian EDs.
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Therapeutic errors among children in the community setting: nature, causes and outcomes
Aim:  This study aimed to determine the epidemiology of therapeutic errors among children in the community setting.
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