Catherine E King

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STUDY DESIGN Lung volumes and rib mobility were measured in 15 women with kyphosis resulting from spinal osteoporosis and in 15 healthy women. OBJECTIVES The study first sought to determine the relationship between thoracic kyphosis and rib mobility and then sought to determine the effect of kyphosis and associated changes in rib mobility on respiratory(More)
When systemic delivery of O2 (QO2 = QT X CaO2, where QT is cardiac output and CaO2 is arterial O2 content) is reduced by bleeding, the systemic O2 extraction ratio [ER = (CaO2 - CVO2)/CaO2, where CVO2 is venous O2 content] increases until a critical limit is reached below which O2 uptake (VO2) becomes limited by O2 delivery. During hypovolemia, reflex(More)
The consequences of a decreased O2 supply to a contracting canine gastrocnemius muscle preparation were investigated during two forms of hypoxia: hypoxic hypoxia (HH) (n = 6) and CO hypoxia (COH) (n = 6). Muscle O2 uptake, blood flow, O2 extraction, and developed tension were measured at rest and at 1 twitch/s isometric contractions in normoxia and in(More)
Foot lesions can compromise the health and welfare of captive birds. In this study, we estimated the prevalence of foot lesions in captive flamingos (Phoenicopteridae). The study was based on photos of 1,495 pairs of foot soles from 854 flamingos in 18 European and two Texan (USA) zoological collections. Methodology for evaluating flamingo feet lesions was(More)
The nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibitor N omega-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) was used to determine whether the decrease in canine hindlimb blood flow (QL) with NOS inhibition would limit skeletal muscle O2 uptake (VO2). Arterial inflow and venous outflow from the hindlimb were isolated, and the paw was excluded from the circulation. Pump(More)
This study was conducted to examine the effects of helium-neon laser auriculotherapy on experimental pain threshold. Eighty healthy female and male subjects, aged 18 to 39 years, were assigned randomly to one of two treatment groups. Subjects in the Experimental Group (n = 41) received laser stimulation, and subjects in the Control Group (n = 39) received(More)
Our question was whether inhibition of nitric oxide [endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF)/NO] production in an in situ vascularly isolated but innervated canine hindlimb would prevent hypoxic vasodilation or interfere with O2 extraction during ischemic (IH) or hypoxic hypoxia (HH). After a control period, we gave NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester(More)
As a significant user of O2 at rest (20% of whole body), the gut may be subject to more severe limitation of O2 supply during global hypoxia than more vital areas because of preferential redistribution of blood flow. Accordingly, its accumulation of O2 deficit during hypoxia and its excess O2 use during normoxic recovery might be altered by extrinsic neural(More)
O2 extraction during progressive ischemia in canine skeletal muscle, J. Appl. Physiol. 79(4): 1351-1360, 1995.--O2 uptake (VO2) is defended during decreased O2 delivery (QO2) by an increase in the O2 extraction ratio (O2ER, VO2/QO2), presumably by recruitment of capillaries. This study tested the hypothesis that activity of the microvascular endothelium(More)
To detect the local effect of hyperoxia on skeletal muscle vasculature, 2.5-ml boluses of oxygenated or deoxygenated fluorocarbon emulsion (F-O2 or F-N2) were washed through the hindlimb of anesthetized dogs at prevailing arterial pressure. Instantaneous hematocrit changes at the outflow were registered and stored in digital form with the red cells serving(More)