Catherine E. Houstis

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Problem-solving e<?Pub Caret>nvironments (PSEs) interact with theuser in a language &#8220;natural&#8221; to the associated discipline,and they provide a high-level abstraction of the underlying,computationally complex model. The knowledge-based system PYTHIAaddresses the problem of (parameter, algorithm) pair selection within ascientific computing domain(More)
Often scientists need to locate appropriate software for their problems and then select from among many alternatives. We have previously proposed an approach for dealing with this task by processing performance data of the targeted software. This approach has been tested using a customized implementation referred to as PYTHIA. This experience made us(More)
In this paper we study the partitioning and allocation of computations associated with the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). Strategies for the mapping of such computations to parallel MIMD architectures can be applied to different levels of the solution process. We introduce and study heuristic approaches defined on the(More)
In this paper we formulate new mapping strategies for partial differential equations (PDE) computations into MIMD architectures. These mappings are based on decompositions of the geometric data (meshes) associated with the PDE domain, and distribute the solution of large linear systems across many parallel processors in such a way that the processor(More)
The ARION system provides basic e-services of search and retrieval of objects in scientific collections, such as, data sets, simulation models and tools necessary for statistical and/or visualization processing. These collections may represent application software of scientific areas, they reside in geographically disperse organizations and constitute the(More)
We consider modeling, predicting and evaluating the perfonnance of methods for solving PDEs in parallel architectures. We have developed a method for coarse grain partitioning of computations for parallel architectures and we apply it to three PDE applications: (a) Cholesky factorization, (b) spline collocation, and (c) an application complete from(More)