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It is not well understood how privacy concern and trust influence social interactions within social networking sites. An online survey of two popular social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace, compared perceptions of trust and privacy concern, along with willingness to share information and develop new relationships. Members of both sites reported(More)
A qualitative study was conducted to explore how subjects use social networking sites and instant messenger to engage in interpersonal relationships. The results were used to develop a preliminary framework that models how attitudes towards privacy and impression management, when mediated by technology, translate into social interactions. This paper begins(More)
Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook thrive on energetic social interaction, but the factors that assure this are not well understood. There is a lack of theory that can describe and predict the successful adoption of new social computing systems. This paper introduces the Social Software Performance Model, and uses it to interpret the(More)
Green IS offers the promise for IS scholars to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of global climate change and other environmental problems. While significant achievements have been made in shaping Green IS as a subfield in the IS discipline, the emergence of Green IS is still by far too slow,(More)
In order to evaluate the contribution of visual memory to problems in the development of motor coordination, 9-to 13-year-old boys who were clumsy were tested on a graphic reproduction task under two delay conditions. Their performances were compared with those of control children. Individual geometric patterns were presented as a whole or sequentially, and(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to explore factors associated with oncology patients' decision to bank sperm prior to cancer treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients who were referred to the oncology sperm banking program between January 2009 and March 2010 were invited to complete an 18-item questionnaire during one of their(More)
Dynamics of micro-structural changes in milk during the renneting process were analysed using high-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy in combination with dynamic rheology and NIR transmission measurements. Two independent ultrasonic parameters, velocity and attenuation were measured in the frequency range 2 to 15 MHz, as a function of time after addition of(More)
Social networking sites and other examples of online social spaces have greatly expanded their members' opportunities for self expression and social interaction, while creating significant challenges for online privacy management. Within offline social spaces, privacy management is an active part of everyday life, influencing where, when and to whom we(More)