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OBJECTIVE Substantial, albeit scattered, evidence suggests that coronary artery bypass grafting may impair cognitive function. As methods and definitions differ greatly across studies, the reported incidence of cognitive decline after coronary bypass surgery varies widely as well. The aim of the present study was to systematically review those studies on(More)
The first part of this study examined (Parisian) French-learning 11-month-old infants' recognition of the six definite and indefinite French articles: le, la, les, un, une, and des. The six articles were compared with pseudoarticles in the context of disyllabic or monosyllabic nouns, using the Head-turn Preference Procedure. The pseudo articles were similar(More)
The authors present a study of the intrinsic anatomy of the gluteus medius m, and of its innervation through the caudal branch of the superior gluteal n. The existence of an intramuscular tendon in the thickness of the gluteus medius was constantly prooved in 40 muscles. The relations of the intrinsic fibrous structure of the muscle and its innervation were(More)
Cardiopulmonary exercise tests are frequently used to test rate responsive pacemakers. The chronotropic assessment exercise protocol (CAEP) has been specifically proposed for the evaluation of rate responsive pacing systems. A mathematical method, based on CAEP measurements, was developed with a view of normalizing the exercise induced metabolic response.(More)
The authors previously have shown in healthy subjects that age related loss of muscular strength did not alter the chronotropic response during treadmill exercise, whether with sudden onset of effort, as in the chronotropic assessment exercise protocol (CAEP) or more gradual effort as in the Harbor exercise protocol. This study was performed to verify that(More)
Aircraft engine exhaust increases the number concentration of nanoparticles (NP) in the surrounding environment. Health concerns related to NP raise the question of the exposure and health monitoring of airport workers. No biological monitoring study on this profession has been reported to date. The aim was to evaluate the NP and metal exposure of airport(More)
The relatively recent development of industries working with nanomaterials has created challenges for exposure assessment. In this article, we propose a relatively simple approach to assessing nanomaterial exposures for the purposes of epidemiological studies of workers in these industries. This method consists of an onsite industrial hygiene visit of(More)
Our aim was to examine indices of cardiorespiratory capacity at rest and during exercise before initiation of therapy for Hodgkin's disease. We prospectively studied 24 patients divided into two groups according to the disease stage. Group 1 included eight patients in stage IA and four in stage IIA; group 2 included four patients in stage IIB, six in stage(More)
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