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OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship of muscle strength to postural sway in persons with stroke under standing conditions in which vision and ankle proprioception were manipulated. METHODS Forty persons with stroke and 40 healthy older adult controls were recruited from the community and underwent balance testing consisting of 6 conditions that(More)
In the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, there has been criticism of mathematics and the mathematical models used by the finance industry. We answer these criticisms through a discussion of some of the actuarial models used in the pricing of credit derivatives. As an example, we focus in particular on the Gaussian copula model and its drawbacks.(More)
We study a problem of stochastic control in mathematical finance, for which the asset prices are modeled by Itô processes. The market parameters exhibit " regime-switching " in the sense of being adapted to the joint filtration of the Brownian motion in the asset price models and a given finite-state Markov chain which models " regimes " of the market. The(More)
BACKGROUND For over two decades occupational therapists have been encouraged to enhance their roles within primary care and focus on health promotion and prevention activities. While there is a clear fit between occupational therapy and primary care, there have been few practice examples, despite a growing body of evidence to support the role. In 2010, the(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation is a fundamental component in building quality primary care and is ideally situated to support individual, team and organizational learning by offering an accessible form of participatory inquiry. The evaluation literature has begun to recognize the unique features of KT evaluations and has described attributes to consider when(More)
The letter by Professor Khuder raises several points of potential importance. Our statistical analysis correlating Mus species and human breast cancer (HBC) incidence is described as simplistic, ignoring social, cultural and demographic variables. Thus, it may suffer from ecological bias, due to the effect of hormonal promoters on the development of HBC.(More)
abstract Genetic studies indicate that the inherited risk of breast cancer is mediated by the well-studied major genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, and a polygenic component, probably with many genes each making a small contribution. Recently, seven polygenes have been found (Pharoah et al., 2008) contributing an estimated 3.6% of all familial risk (Easton et al.,(More)
The financial industry has recently seen a push away from structured products and towards transparency. The trend is to decompose products, such that customers understand each component as well as its price. Yet the enormous annuity market combining investment and longevity has been almost untouched by this development. We suggest a simple decomposed(More)