Catherine DeRobertis

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BACKGROUND Macrocephalic or large headed sperm with multiflagella is a rare abnormality often associated with infertility. Sperm chromosomal abnormalities could be associated with this specific morphological abnormality. METHODS The cytogenetic content of large-headed sperm was assessed by dual and three-colour fluorescence in-situ hybridization in three(More)
Biological control of preharvest aflatoxin contamination by atoxigenic stains of Aspergillus flavus has been demonstrated in several crops. The assumption is that some form of competition suppresses the fungus's ability to infect or produce aflatoxin when challenged. Intraspecific aflatoxin inhibition was demonstrated by others. This work investigates the(More)
During their post-meiotic maturation, male germ cells undergo an extensive reorganization of their genome, during which histones become globally hyperacetylated, are then removed and progressively replaced by transition proteins and finally by protamines. The latter are known to tightly associate with DNA in the mature sperm cell. Although this is a highly(More)
Aspergillus flavus, an opportunistic pathogen, contaminates maize and other key crops with carcinogenic aflatoxins (AFs). Besides AFs, A. flavus makes many more secondary metabolites (SMs) whose toxicity in insects or vertebrates has been studied. However, the role of SMs in the invasion of plant hosts by A. flavus remains to be investigated. Cyclopiazonic(More)
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