Catherine Cunningham

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BACKGROUND Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils) reduce fasting serum triglyceride levels and cardiovascular disease risk in individuals without HIV infection. Whether omega-3 fatty acid supplementation can reduce hypertriglyceridemia associated with antiretroviral therapy is not known. METHODS We conducted an open-label, randomized trial that enrolled 52(More)
The chromosome number in peripheral blood cells of five individuals of Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox) is shown to vary between 35 and 39. This variation is due to loss or gain of the smallest autosome, which it is suggested is heterochromatic and does not have any major influence on the phenotype. This species demonstrates variation in chromosome number both(More)
The non-essential trace metal cadmium may cause major pathological effects on the kidneys. A group of coppersmiths who have been chronically exposed to cadmium poisoning was systematically studied over a 6-year period. The stone prevalence in the group is now just under 40% as compared with 3.5% in a general population. The blood cadmium levels have(More)
This study evaluated the effect of local zinc chloride (ZnCl2 ), an insulin mimetic agent, upon the early and late parameters of fracture healing in rats using a standard femur fracture model. Mechanical testing, radiographic scoring, histomorphometry, qualitative histological scoring, PCNA immunohistochemistry, and local growth factor analysis were(More)
This study evaluated the efficacy of using calcium sulfate (CaSO4 ) as a carrier for intramedullary delivery of an organic vanadium salt, vanadyl acetylacetonate (VAC) after femoral fracture. VAC can act as an insulin-mimetic and can be used to accelerate fracture healing in rats. A heterogenous mixture of VAC and CaSO4 was delivered to the fracture site of(More)
This study investigated the effects of local delivery of manganese chloride (MnCl2), an insulin-mimetic compound, upon fracture healing using a rat femoral fracture model. Mechanical testing, histomorphometry, and immunohistochemistry were performed to assess early and late parameters of fracture healing. At 4 weeks post-fracture, maximum torque to failure(More)
OBJECTIVE Laryngotracheal separation (LTS) is an effective and reliable definitive treatment for intractable aspiration. A major advantage of this treatment for intractable aspiration is its' potential reversibility. Should the underlying disorder improve, a reversal of the procedure may be attempted. This has been successfully achieved in the adult(More)
Domestic water and whole blood samples were collected early in 1981 from two hundred volunteers living in the Glasgow area of Scotland, U.K. The concentration of lead in the water and blood samples, and of cadmium in the blood, was measured. The blood lead and cadmium concentrations were compared to those obtained in the Survey of 1979. There has been a(More)
Methods for the determination of aluminium in serum, dialysate fluid and water by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry are described and validated. Aluminium was measured at 167 nm using an argon purged monochromator. Matrix effects in serum and dialysate fluid were overcome by using an yttrium internal standard. Serum was found to have(More)
Free phenytoin has been determined using micro-scale ultracentrifugation followed by analysis by EMIT. The effect of temperature on the determined free fraction was investigated and the ultracentrifugation procedure validated against ultrafiltration. Ultracentrifugation gave free fractions which were on average 16% lower than those obtained using(More)