Catherine Colaux-Castillo

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EnCOrE is an original proposal which is expected to allow to share and transfer knowledge in organic chemistry. The system will use MIDES a software, with a peer-to-peer architecture, which will allow to set up a technological and methodological frame to allow collaborative building of knowledge in between chemists. Learning GRID's services will help for(More)
Selenides, selenoxides, osmium tetroxide, and potassium osmate dihydrate are in equilibrium in aqueous tert-butanol containing potassium carbonate. We took advantage of this feature to withdraw the equilibrium in each of the two directions to produce allylalcohols from allylselenides and diols from olefins. The latter reaction performed in the presence of(More)
We are building an encyclopaedia of organic chemistry (EnCOrE) in English and making it freely available on the internet. We expect the tools to be used by novice as well as advanced researchers from university and industry. They will allow cross-searches based on chemical structures and equations, and on explanatory texts and an elaborated dictionary.(More)
Driving the equilibrium between selenides and osmium(VIII) reagents with selenoxides and osmium(VI) by a subsequent reaction (rearrangement of allyl selenoxides to allyl alcohols or addition of osmium(VIII) species on C=C double bonds) to one side, allows the transformation of methyl geranyl selenides to linalool and of methyl citronellyl selenoxide to(More)
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