Catherine Caraway

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In September and October 1978, after a case of cholera had been discovered in southwestern Louisiana, 10 more Vibrio cholerae O-Group 1 infections were detected in four additional clusters. All 11 infected persons had recently eaten cooked crabs from five widely separated sites in the coastal marsh, and a matched-triplet case-control study showed a(More)
From September 1976 through March 1978, we investigated 11 outbreaks of non-B viral hepatitis associated with Louisiana day-care centers. The outbreaks included 168 cases, most of which were erroneously considered "sporadic" cases of non-B viral hepatitis prior to the investigations. Thirteen percent of all non-B viral hepatitis cases reported in the New(More)
A single case of severe diarrhea on a floating Texas oil rig was followed two days later by what proved to be the largest outbreak of cholera in the United States in over a century. After isolation of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae El Tor Inaba of the typical United States phage type from the index patient's stool, the ensuing investigation detected 14(More)