Catherine Canevet

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High throughput genomic studies can identify large numbers of potential candidate genes, which must be interpreted and filtered by investigators to select the best ones for further analysis. Prioritization is generally based on evidence that supports the role of a gene product in the biological process being investigated. The two most important bodies of(More)
An increasing number of biomedical resources provide their information on the Semantic Web and this creates the basis for a distributed knowledge base which has the potential to advance biomedical research [1]. This potential, however, cannot be realised until researchers from the life sciences can interact with information in the Semantic Web. In(More)
Many systems approaches to biology need to identify, integrate and analyse information that is captured in a myriad of databases which use a wide variety of different formats and access methods. The Ondex data integration platform [1] ( enables data from diverse biological data sets to be linked together, integrated, analysed and visualised(More)
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