Catherine C. Bareiss

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While much work has been done on the lab component of the CS1 course, programming assignments have not received as much attention. Many CS1 courses have a series of programming assignments that supplement the lab component. However, the assignments are often unrelated to each other. While the advantages of semester project for upper division courses are(More)
SUMMARY This special session will report on the work of the Computer Science Small Department Initiative (CS_SDI) in three areas. The first is the identification of strengths and challenges that are typically found in small departments (5 or fewer FTE CS faculty). The second area is relating the CC2001 guidelines directly to small departments. The third(More)
There is a need for a new style of supporting a computer course. Although it is widely recognized that computer technology provides essential tools for all current scientific work, few university curricula adequately ground science majors in the fundamentals that underlie this technology. Introducing science students to computational thinking in the areas(More)
This workshop shows participants about a new way to teach non-computing majors about computing fundamentals. This involves teaching computing concepts (such as sources of error, algorithm analysis, data storage, and simulations) that students encounter when they use computers to do work in their own disciplines. While this new way of teaching can use any(More)
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