Catherine Berrut

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With recommender systems, users receive items recommended on the basis of their profile. New users experience the cold start problem: as their profile is very poor, the system performs very poorly. In this paper, classical new user cold start techniques are improved by exploiting the cold user data, i.e. the user data that is readily available (e.g. age,(More)
The development of standards for video encoding coupled with the increased power of computing mean that content-based manipulation of digital video information is now feasible. Shots are a basic structural building block of digital video and the boundaries between shots need to be determined automatically to allow for content-based manipulation. A shot can(More)
In this paper we present a variety of browsing interfaces for digital video information. The six interfaces are implemented on top of Físchlár, an operational recording, indexing, browsing and playback system for broadcast TV programmes. In developing the six browsing interfaces, we have been informed by the various dimensions which can be used to(More)
This paper describes a system for an image retrieval system in which relevance related and system-use related user strategies can be performed. The query supports, in addition to classical topical inputs, strategic parameters that can be set by the user, either directly or via the visualization of retrieved images that are organized with respect to which(More)
1 This work is a part of the SCOPIE project founded by the federations ELESA and IMAG, and realized in collaboration with the LIS and the LPNC laboratory. Abstract Image indexing using content analysis is known as a difficult task, involving the vision research domain. Using these tools in the context of a retrieval system is generally frustrating for(More)
<italic>This paper focuses on the RIME system aimed to the indexing of medical reports in a multimedia environment. This particular application is viewed as representative of a large set of still unanswered needs of large communities of users: domain experts dealing with on-line specialized documentation such as software engineers, medical specialists and(More)
We describe in this paper a prototype 1 , PRIME, of a mul-timedia medical information retrieval system. The documents managed by PRIME are patient records, which are composed of administrative data, textual reports, and Magnetic Resonance Images. PRIME is developed on top of the object oriented DBMS O 2 , and its interface can be any WWW-navigator(More)