Catherine Beard

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Isolates of the moss Ceratodon purpureus were collected down a channel formed by a meltstream waterfall at Granite Harbour in Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. The RAPD technique was used to analyse the extent of genetic variation within clumps, between clumps, and between this population and specimens of the same species from two other areas in(More)
Estimates of lichen growth rates based on the measurements of several thalli at any site do not exist for continental Antarctica. However, the very limited existing data suggest that lichen growth rate may be a good indicator of climate change in Antarctica. We present measurements made on thalli of the lichen Buellia frigida Darb. growing in the Dry(More)
Cape Hallett (72°19′S; 170°13′E) lies at the northern end of the western coastline of the Ross Sea region, and, to date, there appears to be no full description of its terrestrial flora despite its probable importance in understanding links between biodiversity and latitude. Here we present information about lichens and mosses from published papers,(More)
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