Catherine Barbe

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Metastatic breast cancer has consistently been viewed as a non-curable disease. Specific palliative treatments such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy have resulted in a mean overall survival of approximately 30 months. While cases of prolonged complete response have been reported with hormone or trastuzumab monotherapy, rendering metastatic breast cancer(More)
OBJECTIVES Over the last 15 years, adequate psychometric properties of the different versions of the Dominic led to the development of the Dominic Interactive for Adolescents (DIA). The DIA is a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), Fourth Edition, Text Revision-based self-administered computerized pictorial instrument for assessing(More)
In isolated coronary arteries, hypoxia induces an increase in tone by releasing an unidentified endothelium-derived contracting factor (EDCF). Isometric force was measured in an isolated rabbit coronary artery ring at 37 degrees C in control and high K+ (40 mM) pre-contracted conditions. Hypoxia (15 mmHg pO2) induced by equilibrating the perfusate with(More)
BACKGROUND Experiments were designed to determine whether hyperkalemic crystalloid cardioplegic solution alters the hypoxic response of isolated segments of rabbit coronary arteries. METHODS Coronary arteries were suspended in organ chambers to measure isometric force. We measured the coronary perfusion pressure at a constant flow rate in isolated(More)
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