Catherine Ayre

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We retrospectively reviewed the hospital records of 68 patients who had been referred with an injury to the posterolateral corner of the knee to a specialist knee surgeon between 2005 and 2009. These injuries were diagnosed based on a combination of clinical testing and imaging and arthroscopy when available. In all, 51 patients (75%) presented within 24(More)
BACKGROUND The risk of adverse pregnancy outcome for women with type 1 diabetes is reduced through tight diabetes control. Most women enter pregnancy with inadequate blood glucose control. Interview studies with women suggest the concept of 'planned' and 'unplanned' pregnancies is unhelpful. AIM To explore women's accounts of their journeys to becoming(More)
The 300 ton cosmic ray spectrograph (MARS) has been used to measure the vertical momentum spectrum of cosmic ray muons in the momentum range 20-500GeVlc at sea level. The differential spectrum is well represented by the logarithmic polyi:omial p 3 N ~) ==-0.524-iO.366 (Inp)-0.0445 (lnp)z+OGOOS (InpI3 where p is in Gev/c and N (p) is in s-l cm-* sr-'(More)