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BACKGROUND The recent derivation of embryonic stem cell lines from human blastocysts and related implications for regenerative medicine has intensified a longstanding debate about the use of human embryos for research purposes. However, studies have shown that few couples with stored embryos opt to donate them for research. Herein, the attitudes and(More)
BACKGROUND This prospective study used both self-report (STAI) and clinical diagnostic interview (MINI-Plus) to examine the course of maternal anxiety across the transition to parenthood. The study also assessed i) the validity of the STAI for antenatal use in an Australian sample and ii) the relative utility of the MINI-Plus and STAI scales as antenatal(More)
The aim of this study was to compare 70 couples who had conceived by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with 63 matched controls for the prevalence of anxiety and quality of attachment to the baby during pregnancy. Results for mothers showed no group differences using a global measure of anxiety, the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. However,(More)
Infant attachment and mother-child interaction were evaluated for 65 primiparous women and their singleton infants conceived through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and a control group of 61 women and their infants conceived naturally. The sample was enrolled during pregnancy as part of a longitudinal study. At 12 months postpartum, security of infant(More)
BACKGROUND The trend to older maternal age at first birth is well established in Western countries and biological risk factors, particularly declining fertility, are well documented. Less is known, however, about the psychosocial well-being of older first time parents. This study explores differences in psychosocial adjustment during pregnancy in older(More)
OBJECTIVE To survey clients with stored frozen embryos regarding intention to donate embryos to other couples and attitudes toward conditional donation. DESIGN Anonymous postal questionnaire. SETTING A private IVF clinic in Sydney, Australia. PATIENT(S) Clients with embryos stored for 3 or more years. INTERVENTION(S) Patients completed a survey(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood sleep problems which are prevalent in Western societies are associated with a wide range of emotional, cognitive and behavioural disturbances. Growing evidence suggests that parents play a pivotal role in children's sleep behaviour and that a parenting style which promotes self-regulation is beneficial. This study tested a unique model(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine psychological adjustment to early motherhood at 4 months postpartum in mothers who conceived by IVF-ET. DESIGN Controlled clinical study. SETTING Healthy human volunteers in an academic research environment. PATIENT(S) Sixty-five primiparous women undergoing IVF-ET and 62 age-matched primiparous women with no history of(More)
This study prospectively examined the separate and combined influences of maternal prenatal anxiety disorder and postnatal caregiving sensitivity on infants' salivary cortisol responses to the still-face procedure. Effects were assessed by measuring infant salivary cortisol upon arrival at the laboratory, and at 15-, 25-, and 40-min following the still-face(More)
BACKGROUND This prospective study aimed to determine predictors of persistent postnatal depression between child age one and four years, in a sample of mothers already identified as having a high incidence of postnatal depression at four months after birth and a relatively high prevalence of symptoms of depression at child age one year. METHODS Data(More)