Catherine Ammon

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INTRODUCTION Influenza is a major cause of morbidity and mortality and occurs in epidemics in the winter. This study is an evaluation of a population-based prevention program against Influenza, implemented during autumn 2000 by the Health Department of the Canton of Vaud. METHODS A pre-intervention/post-intervention design was used. In June 2000 and March(More)
BACKGROUND Examining life expectancy and general mortality rates, the health of the population of Geneva can be described as one of the best in the world. However, in some areas Geneva fares worse than the rest of Switzerland or Europe. To re-appraise the current health priorities of the Genevan population, we analysed the relative importance of specific(More)
The Delphi method was used to determine the health priorities in one Swiss canton. The opinion of various groups concerned, either as health professionals or as representatives of the general population, was gathered to identify the health determinants and health problems perceived as most important, to clarify the reasons for these choices, and to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Despite excellent mortality indicators, there is clear evidence that the health status of the population of Geneva could be improved if more attention and resources were devoted to prevention strategies. To identify a set of robust health priorities an original approach was used triangulating results between three methods. METHODS The(More)
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