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Low-dose MTX administered weekly remains a mainstay in the therapy of RA. There is a belief amongst rheumatologists that RA patients taking MTX have both an increased risk and severity of infection. Here we review the published data on the risks of infection associated with the use of MTX in patients with RA and make some recommendations for managing MTX in(More)
An automated, computerized system, the AutoMicrobic System, has been developed for the detection, enumeration, and identification of bacteria and yeasts in clinical specimens. The biological basis for the system resides in lyophilized, highly selective and specific media enclosed in wells of a disposable plastic cuvette; introduction of a suitable specimen(More)
A correlative microscopy method for the ultrastructural analysis of focal viral tissue infections is presented. Using a confocal scanning laser microscope, foci of infection are identified in tissue sections prior to embedment; a variety of techniques can be employed for viral detection, including staining with standard histochemical reagents and(More)
This review looks at the main issues around immediate hypersensitivity and the role and limitations of testing. The majority of literature on antibiotic hypersensitivity relates to β-lactam antibiotics, mainly because of the heavy usage of this class of drugs. Concerns around cross-reactivity always worry clinicians, particularly in the emergency situation.(More)
The authors review the indications and findings of urethroscopic and cystometric examinations carried out on 279 patients. The most common indication was urinary incontinence, stress and urge types. Other indications included dysuria, recurrent urinary infections, and preoperative indications. The most common finding was chronic urethritis. Other findings(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is an inherited disorder of phagocytic cells caused by an inability to generate active microbicidal oxygen species required kill certain types of fungi and bacteria. This leads to recurrent life-threatening bacterial and fungal infections with tissue granuloma formation. CASE PRESENTATION We describe a case(More)