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Swadesh's Macro Mixtecan Hypothesis and English
RECENT YEARS have seen a renewed interest in the use of historical linguistics as a tool in determining prehistory, especially in cases where no early records exist. Consequently the linguist, whenExpand
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Comparative Miwok-Mutsun with Notes on Rumsen
1. The Costanoan languages were formerly spoken by Indians living along the coast of California from Monterey to the San Franciscan peninsula.' These were first grouped into a single family by AlbertExpand
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California Penutian: History and Bibliography
extant languages and records of some of the extinct languages, as is the case for IndoEuropean and Semitic. When, however, he must rely on scanty and often poorly recorded materials, his task isExpand
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Grass Game Song
Proto-Arawakan and Its Descendants
Miwok-Costanoan as a Subfamily of Penutian
1. The Miwok family consists of at least seven languages; Northern, Central, and Southern Sierra Miwok, spoken on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada MIountains; Plains Miwok, formerly theExpand
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Comparative Miwok: A Preliminary Survey
1. Aboriginally, the Miwok family consisted of at least seven languages.' On the basis of structural similarity and sound correspondences, these may tentatively be grouped as follows: I. EasternExpand
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Doctor's Song
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Archaic roots have apparently become crystallized in certain Lake Miwok numeral formations.' ?6tta?ota two by two contains both the free form 96tta two and a bound form -?ota. This bound form alsoExpand