Catherine A Thornton

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BACKGROUND Health is a result of influences operating at multiple levels. For example, inadequate housing, poor educational attainment, and reduced access to health care are clustered together, and are all associated with reduced health. Policies which try to change individual people's behaviour have limited effect when people have little control over their(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a multistrain, high-dose probiotic in the prevention of eczema. DESIGN A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group trial. SETTINGS Antenatal clinics, research clinic, children at home. PATIENTS Pregnant women and their infants. INTERVENTIONS Women from 36 weeks gestation and their infants to age 6 months(More)
Candida albicans is a major human pathogen whose treatment is challenging due to antifungal drug toxicity, drug resistance and paucity of antifungal agents available. Myrocin (MYR) inhibits sphingosine synthesis, a precursor of sphingolipids, an important cell membrane and signaling molecule component. MYR also has dual immune suppressive and antifungal(More)
Implantable ventricular assist devices (VADs) have proven efficient in advanced heart failure patients as a bridge-to-transplant or destination therapy. However, VAD usage often leads to infection, bleeding, and thrombosis, side effects attributable to the damage to blood cells and plasma proteins. Measuring hemolysis alone does not provide sufficient(More)
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