Catherine A Howell

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BACKGROUND Dementia is an insidious and stigmatised condition, and research indicates that GPs find communicating this diagnosis particularly problematic. Delays in diagnosis may impede optimal patient care. Little research has been published on Australian GPs' perceptions of barriers to disclosing the diagnosis of dementia. AIM To explore GPs'(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a potentially recurring or chronic disorder. The provision of evidence based treatment and effective practice organisation is central to chronic disease management, and these principles can be applied to managing depression. OBJECTIVE This article outlines the principles of chronic disease management, including the use of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness of "Keeping the blues away" (KBA), a manualised depression relapse prevention program for general practice, in reducing the relapse of depression compared with usual care (with the aim of halving the relapse rate), and in reducing depression severity and improving the process of care. DESIGN AND SETTING A cluster(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe the long-term effects of suicide of a parent or sibling during childhood or young adulthood. A grounded theory approach was used to discover the respondents' perceptions of the meaning of the event and the effects that it had on them. The themes that emerged from the data were experiencing the pain, hiding the pain,(More)
Peer support groups are a mutual aid system in which the facilitator helps group members to help each other. General practice peer support is seen as the provision of support in small groups by general practitioner colleagues. As part of the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Initiative, funding was made available to develop a unique model of peer(More)
INTRODUCTION English-language proficiency of medical practitioners is an issue attracting increasing attention in medical education. To best provide language education support, it is essential that learning needs are assessed and that useful feedback and advice are provided. We report the outcomes of a language assessment that was embedded within the(More)
BACKGROUND Referrals to allied health professionals as part of Access To Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) and More Allied Health Services (MAHS) at the Adelaide Hills Division of General Practice were examined to gain insight into the characteristics of referred patients and the characteristics of referring general practitioners. METHODS Data held by(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to evaluate consumer and carer views of one-off psychiatric assessments, Item 291 in the Australian Medicare system. METHOD Following general practitioner referral to a psychiatrist, consumers were invited to enroll in this study and provide: demographic data; a one-off face-to-face recorded interview 6-8 weeks following(More)
Though advocated as useful for patients, there is little in the literature regarding the use and effectiveness of bariatric support groups. This study investigated characteristics and experiences of bariatric patients who did and did not attend offered groups. Seventy-eight postoperative laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding patients from a private(More)
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