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OBJECTIVE Bread is the largest contributor of Na to the American diet and excess Na consumption contributes to premature death and disability. We sought to determine the Na level at which consumers could detect a difference between reduced-Na bread and bread with typical Na content, and to determine if consumer sensory acceptability and purchase intent(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Partial funding for this project was provided by the Giannini Foundation. The authors are especially indebted to Lee Garoyan for stimulating our interest in this project and for providing expert consultation throughout its evolution. We are also grateful to the members and employees of the Processing Tomato Advisory Board for providing some(More)
Artisan cheese makers lack access to valid economic data to help them evaluate business opportunities and make important business decisions such as determining cheese pricing structure. The objective of this study was to utilize an economic model to evaluate the net present value (NPV), internal rate of return, and payback period for artisan cheese(More)
Lack of valid economic data for artisan cheese making is a serious impediment to developing a realistic business plan and obtaining financing. The objective of this study was to determine approximate start-up and operating costs for an artisan cheese company. In addition, values are provided for the required size of processing and aging facilities(More)
Primary data-collection methods have been understood and studied to a great degree. For example, volumes can be written on the proper way to conduct a survey-based study. However, the process of collecting data from a retail establishment is not as well documented. This paper covers the tools and strategies used to collect weekly data in a retail(More)
Recent foodborne disease outbreaks involving minimally processed tree nuts have generated a need for improved sanitation procedures. Chemical sprays and dips have shown promise for reducing pathogens on fresh produce, but little research has been conducted for in-shell hazelnuts. This study analyzed the effectiveness of 3 chemical sanitizers for reducing(More)
The contribution of different fry length categories short (< 2 in.), medium (2 to 3 in.), and long (3 to 4 in.) and extra long (> 4 in.) to serving (individual portions) production in a “quick service restaurant” (QSR) was estimated using regression analysis with serving data developed for the purpose. The analysis provides coefficient estimates to measure(More)
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