Catherine A Donnelly

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OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship of muscle strength to postural sway in persons with stroke under standing conditions in which vision and ankle proprioception were manipulated. METHODS Forty persons with stroke and 40 healthy older adult controls were recruited from the community and underwent balance testing consisting of 6 conditions that(More)
BACKGROUND For over two decades occupational therapists have been encouraged to enhance their roles within primary care and focus on health promotion and prevention activities. While there is a clear fit between occupational therapy and primary care, there have been few practice examples, despite a growing body of evidence to support the role. In 2010, the(More)
Part of the Occupational Therapy Commons Copyright transfer agreements are not obtained by The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (OJOT). Reprint permission for this article should be obtained from the corresponding author(s). Click here to view our open access statement regarding user rights and distribution of this article. Abstract Despite(More)
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