Catherine A Crosby

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We studied normal hand strength and the difference between dominant and nondominant hands. Two hundred fourteen volunteers were tested with a calibrated Jamar dynamometer at all five levels. A pinch gauge was used to assess key and pulp pinch. Height, weight, sex, hand dominance, and hobby demands were predictive of maximum grip. Mean maximum grip for women(More)
Aged rats are impaired on a spatial memory task for at least 24-48 h after isoflurane-nitrous oxide anesthesia. In this study, we tested how long the impairment lasts and investigated the role of nitrous oxide. Eighteen-month-old rats were randomized to anesthesia for 2 h with 1.2% isoflurane with or without 70% nitrous oxide or a control group (30%(More)
We have previously demonstrated that general anesthesia with 1.2% isoflurane-70% nitrous oxide impairs acquisition of a radial arm maze task in both young and aged rats when testing begins 2 days after anesthesia and in aged rats when testing begins 2 wk later. We designed this study to examine whether postanesthesia learning impairment is persistent in(More)
  • Diane Citrino Chair, Diane Citrino, Hal Chairperson, Columbus Scott Arkes, Ada Cassandra Gerber, Cleveland Emerald Bledsoe +19 others
  • 2015
By law, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has established an advisory committee in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The committees are composed of state citizens who serve without compensation. The committees advise the Commission on civil rights issues in their states that are within the Commission's jurisdiction. More specifically,(More)
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