Cathelijn J. F. Waaijer

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Mutations in isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) and IDH2 are found in a subset of benign and malignant cartilage tumors, gliomas and leukaemias. The mutant enzyme causes the production of D-2-hydroxyglutarate (D-2-HG), affecting CpG island and histone methylation. While mutations in IDH1/2 are early events in benign cartilage tumors, we evaluated whether(More)
Multiple osteochondromas (MO) is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by germline mutations in EXT1 and/or EXT2. In contrast, solitary osteochondroma (SO) is nonhereditary. Products of the EXT gene are involved in heparan sulfate (HS) biosynthesis. In this study, we investigated whether osteochondromas arise via either loss of heterozygosity (2 hits) or(More)
Bibliometric mapping of scientific articles based on keywords and technical terms in abstracts is now frequently used to chart scientific fields. In contrast, no significant mapping has been applied to the full texts of non-specialist documents. Editorials in Nature and Science are such non-specialist documents, reflecting the views of the two most read(More)
The UK Higher Education Academy’s 2009 report ‘Developing undergraduate research and inquiry’ (see encourages greater student participation in departmental research. This is a welcome cultural shift from the traditional route of studying published research papers and undertaking research projects in separate undergraduate modules. It(More)
In this Feature we use automatic bibliometric mapping tools to visualize the history of analytical chemistry from the 1920s until the present. In particular, we have focused on the application of mass spectrometry in different fields. The analysis shows major shifts in research focus and use of mass spectrometry. We conclude by discussing the application of(More)
Many tumors display significant cellular heterogeneity as well as molecular heterogeneity. Sensitive biomarkers that differentiate between diagnostically challenging tumors must contend with this heterogeneity. Mass spectrometry-based molecular histology of a patient series of heterogeneous, microscopically identical bone tumors highlighted the tumor cell(More)
Chondrosarcomas are malignant cartilage-forming tumours that can arise centrally (in the medulla) or peripherally (at the surface) of the bone. They are classified into three histological grades which correspond to the clinical severity. Previous studies by our group have shown altered signal transduction of the fibroblast growth factor and Wnt signalling(More)
Scientific workflows organize the assembly of specialized software into an overall data flow and are particularly well suited for multi-step analyses using different types of software tools. They are also favorable in terms of reusability, as previously designed workflows could be made publicly available through the myExperiment community and then used in(More)
Since the 1950s, the number of doctorate recipients has risen dramatically in the United States. In this paper, we investigate whether the longevity of doctorate recipients' publication careers has changed. This is achieved by matching 1951-2010 doctorate recipients with rare names in astrophysics, chemistry, economics, genetics and psychology in the(More)
Quantitative analysis of the scientific literature is a frequent task in bibliometrics. Several large online resources collect and disseminate bibliographic information, paving the way for broad analyses and statistics. The Europe PubMed Central (PMC) and its Web Services is one of these resources, providing a rich platform to retrieve information and(More)