Catharine Layton

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the integrity of resected root-end surfaces of extracted human teeth after using ultrasonic tips at low or high frequencies for root-end preparation. Thirty bilaterally matched pairs of single-rooted human teeth had root-end resections using a low-speed diamond saw and were examined for root-end cracks. The matched(More)
AIM To determine which of several pathological methods of measuring lung cancer volume compared most favourably with the gold standard. METHODS Three pathological methods were used on 54 resected lung cancers: (1) measuring the maximum dimension and assuming a spherical shape; (2) measuring three dimensions and assuming an ellipsoidal shape; and (3)(More)
In this paper, we describe the enantiomeric separation of a chiral alcohol under subcritical fluid chromatography conditions using a 3 μm particle size bonded amylose carbamate stationary phase. Linear and branched alcohols were used as polar modifiers in CO2. The studies with linear alcohols showed a decrease in selectivity factor as the number of carbons(More)
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