Catharina Perlmann

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Methylation patterns in intracellular Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) DNA sequences using the isoschizomers HpaII and MspI and the cloned EcoRI-J fragment as a probe have been studied. The possible role of DNA methylation in determining the producer and nonproducer status of EBV-carrying lymphoma cell lines and whether this pattern would be affected by treatment(More)
Chymosin (EC and rennet, the latter containing about 85% chymosin and 15% pepsin, have been compared according to their coagulation properties with native micelles of different sizes or monomeric caseins as substrate. The casein micelles were separated on columns of controlled-pore glass (CPG-10/3000), which fractionates particles of up to 300 nm(More)
Flow karyotype analysis was performed to assess the feasibility of fluorescence-activated sorting of Burkitt lymphoma (BL)-associated translocation chromosomes. The typical 14q+ chromosome in the t(8;14) and the two "variant translocations", the 2q+ in the t(2;8) and the small 22q- in the t(8;22), could be identified as single peaks within the flow(More)
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