Catharina Melian

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What happens when an organization form that has emerged in one context is brought into a different context? In this paper, a longitudinal field study approach is used to explore how Hewlett-Packard (HP) molded open source software development (OSSD) into a proprietary software development approach called “Progressive Open Source” (POS). With the help of(More)
In this paper we report on an ongoing research to understand and foster networks of communities around the development of software systems in a large corporation. Software systems are integral to the functions of any modern large, corporation. Such systems minimally include word processors, email, group communication systems, and often include complex(More)
Software program development is an intensively personal, innovative process, sometimes compared to an artistic process or a play (La Plante and Seidner 1999). Large-scale software development, however, is by its very nature a collaborative effort (Brooks 1975). In this paper, we start a dialogue to address the issue of individual versus collaborative effort(More)
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