Catharina L. Alons

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The authors describe the results of the grading of bladder tumors using morphometry and then compare these with results of histologic grading of the same tumors by different pathologists. Nuclear sizes of cells obtained from superficial and deep cell layers of each carcinoma and from giant cells were measured in 27 cases in which histologic tumor grading by(More)
A simple cytochemical method for EAC rosettes in suspension is described which allows an easy distinction between rosettes formed by lymphocytes and monocytes. The method is based on the fact that monocytes, in contrast to lymphocytes, possess a specific cytoplasmic esterase.
Fifty-seven transurethrally resected bladder tumors were analyzed to determine whether different pathologists, using the World Health Organization grading system, graded the same bladder tumor differently (interindividual consistency) and whether the same pathologist graded a bladder tumor differently at different times (intraindividual consistency).(More)
Only 3% of patients with T1 bladder tumours die of bladder carcinoma within 5 years (Williams, Hammonds & Saunders 1977), therefore these patients are initially treated conservatively. There would however be benefits from being able to predict which patients should be treated more aggressively. Morphometry was applied to quantitate characteristic(More)
INTRODUCTION Prevention of acute HIV infections in pregnancy is required to achieve elimination of pediatric HIV. Identification and support for HIV negative pregnant women and their partners, particularly serodiscordant couples, are critical. A mixed method study done in Southern Mozambique estimated HIV incidence during pregnancy, associated risk factors(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute infection with HIV in the postpartum period results in a high risk of vertical transmission through breastfeeding. A study was done to determine the HIV incidence rate and associated risk factors among postpartum women in Southern Mozambique, where HIV prevalence among pregnant women is 21%. METHODS A prospective cohort study was(More)
Diagnosis of bone lesions on dental radiographs can be difficult due to the irregular trabecular pattern and subjectivity on the part of the observer. The purpose of this study is to improve the recognition of bone lesions by means of objective computer-aided pattern recognition techniques. This article describes a method for the separation of teeth and(More)
The numbers and the distribution of T-lymphocyte subpopulations in lymph node granulomas from 11 patients with sarcoidosis were studied in cryostat sections by an immunoperoxidase technique. Greater numbers of helper T lymphocytes (Leu-3+) were found at the periphery than in the central portion of the same granuloma. Most of the suppressor T lymphocytes(More)
INTRODUCTION The Amsterdam Trauma Workflow (ATW) concept includes a sliding gantry CT scanner serving two mirrored (trauma) rooms. In this study, several predefined scenarios with a varying number of CT scanners and CT locations are analyzed to identify the best performing patient flow management strategy from an institutional perspective on process(More)